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As of today, I am going to stop posting articles, websites, etc. to the blog. The reason for it is that I am already doing the same thing over at So, instead, I am going to be using this space totally for creative purposes such as short stories, poems, etc. I am also very close to purchasing my own domain to use for all of my writings, in which case this blog will probably be taken down. Thank you to anyone who has followed my work so far.



Apparently, Vader has a screw loose

While I do not study Psychology in any way, the subject has always fascinated me. The way people’s brains work and the tiny reasons we act as we do are topics that can stimulate much thought for various subjects from writing to sports. A French psychiatrist named Eric Bui has taken my interest for the topic one step further. In his study of borderline personality disorder (a disorder that features mood swings, troubles in relationships, etc.) he has looked to a person that some of us have loved/hated for years. This person, come to find out, is a totally fictional one. Of course (hence the title) I am talking about no other than Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) from the Star Wars universe. In one of the next issues of the Psychiatry Research journal, Bui and his colleagues will be making a case that the, the lord of the Sith himself, has the condition. The article that I received this information from hopes that this study is to spread the awareness of the condition further, but all I am saying is…they are doing a professional study on a Star Wars character. How sweet is that!? Perhaps this is not your thing, but it will be interesting either way to see the finished product.

LA Times article here.

Zombie Sonnet

I scare away the horde with shotgun shells

and try to write a poem about a zombie

But don’t know where to start

My mind has been so empty and bare for weeks

I start to realize perhaps

My thoughts have become a meal to hungry beasts

Craving only my flesh

Their tripping and trapping would wake a troll from sleep

With sounds of slow demise

Their groans can cause my blood to freeze so quick

I succumb to the final feast

Of beasts lurking in fissures and cracks to do

Nothing except consume

Maybe I’ll write a poem about some brains

New “Ninja Turtles”!?…Michael Bay!?

I do not know how this slipped by me, but apparently Paramount is in the middle of adapting a new “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” film…Live Action! Now they can only move up from the third movie which, while I loved it as a kid, has grown to be one of the worst let downs in movies for me (Yes, I know all of the movies are sort of cheesy, but the first two have nostalgia okay?). I do not know if it is good or bad news, but Michael Bay and pals have been brought on to produce the film. From the state of the second Transformers movie, I am a little bit worried by this move. Also, Transformers 3 has already gone into production this past month and this new Turtles movie has been slated for a 2011 release. While I love the thought of a new movie coming out so soon, I do not want the evidence of a rush job showing throughout (especially with the next Shia Lebeouf scream fest being produced right now).

I would just like to end by saying, Mr. Bay…please do not cast some hott babe that can’t act as April. Please do not cast Paul Walker as Casey. And Please do not give Splinter the voice of Jackie Chan.

Thank you.

My pick for Casey BTW= Bradley Cooper from The Hangover and The A Team. But play him as a dark, jerk…not some cheesy, joke-cracking wannabe.

Full article here.

Creativity update

Ever been in a creative mood, but have no real direction of what you want to accomplish? Well that is how I feel right now with my writing so watch out because this post may be about nothing relevant or interesting. Just thought it was time for me to get the creative juices flowing.

I have been working on my podcast this past week pretty diligently. I have the intro completed and I am somewhat happy with it. I think it still sounds a little on the “amateur” side, but it is the best that I can do with my current means. The search for a co-host continues still and I have been tempted on many occasions to just do it on my own. One of the many things holding me back from this is that I don’t know if people would want to listen to just me for an extended period of time. Talking about things that I want to talk about may be the best place to start, but that doesn’t mean that others give a crap about it as well. I just need to bite the bullet and do something though. Hopefully, something develops and it can take off to be the success that I hope it will. Of course, if one person (besides my family) listen to it regularly, then I will be beyond satisfied.

As for my writing, I have not written a poem since I ended my poetry class in college. I have not fiddled with any story ideas since mid-April as well. Finals really took a toll on my creative process and it saddens me everyday to think that I am wasting away time that could be spent developing my ideas and skills. I have not placed a poem on my blog in some time either. People just didn’t seem to be as interested in them as I had hoped, but I will still push forward and continue to post them.

I did not mean for this post to be a big pity-fest, but it is just a little taste of what has been on my mind. Tomorrow is a fresh day and I am already gathering interesting topics that could be possible for the first episode of the podcast.

Well, until tomorrow, thanks for reading and be ready for more to come.

Wasteful Thinking

In the past month, I have been away from my blog to take care of…other business. Some of it good. Some of it bad. I am a true believer that nothing does not come attached with some lesson to be learned. Yes. I know it is very cliche, but seems to be true (if you look hard enough). I have lost some friends, grown distant from others. I have excelled in some school work, while coming up quit short in other areas. I’ve battled laziness and hangovers. Dealt with immaturity. Learned to be mature myself.

The main lesson I took out of this strange April was this. Do not let someone, something, anything, or anyone tell you how to feel. Be selfish at times and do stuff for yourself. People may try to bring you down, but it’s just to make themselves feel better. Things may be tough and stress you out, but that’s just because life is hard.

At the end of the day, grab the people that really matter and the things you really love. Those are all you need in this crazy world.

…wow that was pretty serious and sentimental…um…Doody!…ahhhh much better.

Wrongfully Accused

16 years ago today, Kurt Cobain was found dead in his apartment in seattle. Death was caused by a gun shot wound to the head. The gun used was a shotgun. Curious enough, he would have had to use his foot to pull the trigger but he had shoes on AND was intoxicated with many drugs that some think would have caused him to be without function for a time. AND the suicide note found next to him mentioned nothing close to him killing himself until the end WHICH was in different handwriting than his but looked like someone tried to copy it. Oddly enough, Courtney Love was found around the time of his death with pieces of paper in her backpack with practice handwriting on it that looked strangely close to Kurt’s. Ugh I am going to start spitting blood if I keep thinking about it, but it’s a little food for thought.