Commute Ponderings… (Part 1)

While on the bus today, going home from school, I was struck with an idea. Actually, it was much more of an epiphany than anything. It seems in my life, and in other places around me, there has been a lot of negativity floating around that all stems from very childish and immature things. No one should take offense to this fact or find it very surprising. Most arguments, fights, tantrums, (whatever the case may be) all stem from an immature thought (I believe). Today was different for me. I was finally able to let go of my inner frustrations and grab a hold of the maturity that was alluding my actions for the past couple of months. This maturity starts with the realization and recognition that stupid stuff does not matter. Victory should not be won when your point is proven or made, it should be obtained when you find a way to make things right. When an altercation or disagreement can be solved, and peace can be made (especially between friends), then you have accomplished something so much more difficult and rewarding.

If it is one of the many cases in which peace cannot be made (through the lack of mutual maturity among both persons), then you are still left with a couple of options…

You can bash ’em on Facebook or give the “Stink Palm.” (Look it up…)

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