“Golden” Inspiration?

Tonight, I thought I would try out a little experiment with my writing. It seems that every time I have a certain amount of alcohol, I feel so susceptible to ideas (and good ones at that). I have never known if this was just an illusion that was caused by a poor sense of judgment at the time. Maybe I become a human sponge for amazing thought. Although it seemed unlikely to work, I thought I would give it a shot…

So after so many beers, I sat down to write…well anything. A poem, story idea, song, it did not matter. All I was looking for was something close to a great train of thought. Something that I could look at the next day (totally sober) and still feel the same sense of accomplishment.

The experiment was a failure. I wrote one idea for a story, two starts to songs, and one poem. To start, the songs were meaningless to me when I reread them the next day. This was not a good start. The poem was about giving my girlfriends dog a bath and it consisted of a line that read “The suds sensuated (not a real word) forcefully down his underbelly…” Finally, the story I started to map out included a character named Ricardo who sold mandarins on a street corner. He would eventually be recruited by the FBI to crack a case involving Colombian drug smugglers who were transporting cocaine in fruit. Ricardo’s extensive knowledge of pomology helps the FBI find a trail in the local grocer system. Enough said.

Well, even though my idea didn’t work out how I hoped, I’m sure there is a lesson somewhere in there.

Maybe next time I will try wine…

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