The Coffee Narratives (Part 1)

All he wanted was a cup of coffee. That is all. Nothing more than just that utter bitterness that, when pressed against the lips and pallet, created a melting pot for all the emotions that make up happiness. It was 7:00 a.m. No one had been up, besides his girlfriend. The web of sleep still half covered his eyes and it was difficult to concentrate on what he must do. Disoriented in bed, his girlfriend goes to help him up by yelling obscenities, in hopes of blowing off his web-covered eyes herself. This aides him a little, but demoralizes his spirit to the point of loss. A loss of all concentration. What is it that he needed to concentrate on…? The coffee! He gathered himself at this remembrance and scurried across the bed to find his pants. Once on, he was free to begin his morning ritual. Unlock the bedroom door, enter the kitchen, clean the pot, fill the water, grab a filter, 4 rounded scoops, and switch on. Once the preparations were complete, it was time for him to do the most difficult part of his daily quest…wait.

To be continued…

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