Wine and Hockey rule my life

In between my classes and homework, two things have ruled my life for the past couple of months. Wine, to me, is a much better alternative to beer as it gives you that classy, creative buzz that I crave for on a daily basis (could just be the alcohol). Hockey serves as an outlet for the aggression that I sustain all throughout the day (I’m not an angry person but..well…um…people just get to you, ya know!?). Experiencing these two elements simultaneously in my girlfriend’s living room is just the perfect equation for my mind to create a sum of joy.

This relationship can be harmful to my studies and social relationships, I’m afraid. It seems that a 21 year old wino screaming in front of the T.V. “Shoot the damn thing!!!” is not what most people would call…attractive (neither is the purple teeth you get after killing a whole bottle). As far as my studies go, it’s difficult to concentrate in class after such nights when the only things going through my head are the L.A. Kings goal scorers and their power-play killing ratio. Unfortunately, these important statistics are not relevant to the philosophical issues within Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.

Thank goodness for the Olympic break (except for the U.S. v. Canada game which consumed most of my Sunday).

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