What is up with the L’s?

I wonder if, back in Medieval Times, knights had twacked out horses. Something had to give the man who invented chess the idea for the way that they move. Two spaces one way and then one in another (or vice-versa). This “L” shaped formation of moving just does not make any sense. I am sure that there is some specific reason for it, but there is no logical one.

I can accept that they can jump over other people and I can accept that they can make the first move. I just want to know where in Knight lore it is explained that they did not move in a straight line.

Which brings me to another question of why bishops can only move diagonally. They should move “up” because that is where heaven is (in the sky). And how the heck does a rook (tower) move at all?

I have to stop before I totally ruin chess for myself…

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