Wasteful Thinking

In the past month, I have been away from my blog to take care of…other business. Some of it good. Some of it bad. I am a true believer that nothing does not come attached with some lesson to be learned. Yes. I know it is very cliche, but seems to be true (if you look hard enough). I have lost some friends, grown distant from others. I have excelled in some school work, while coming up quit short in other areas. I’ve battled laziness and hangovers. Dealt with immaturity. Learned to be mature myself.

The main lesson I took out of this strange April was this. Do not let someone, something, anything, or anyone tell you how to feel. Be selfish at times and do stuff for yourself. People may try to bring you down, but it’s just to make themselves feel better. Things may be tough and stress you out, but that’s just because life is hard.

At the end of the day, grab the people that really matter and the things you really love. Those are all you need in this crazy world.

…wow that was pretty serious and sentimental…um…Doody!…ahhhh much better.

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