Creativity update

Ever been in a creative mood, but have no real direction of what you want to accomplish? Well that is how I feel right now with my writing so watch out because this post may be about nothing relevant or interesting. Just thought it was time for me to get the creative juices flowing.

I have been working on my podcast this past week pretty diligently. I have the intro completed and I am somewhat happy with it. I think it still sounds a little on the “amateur” side, but it is the best that I can do with my current means. The search for a co-host continues still and I have been tempted on many occasions to just do it on my own. One of the many things holding me back from this is that I don’t know if people would want to listen to just me for an extended period of time. Talking about things that I want to talk about may be the best place to start, but that doesn’t mean that others give a crap about it as well. I just need to bite the bullet and do something though. Hopefully, something develops and it can take off to be the success that I hope it will. Of course, if one person (besides my family) listen to it regularly, then I will be beyond satisfied.

As for my writing, I have not written a poem since I ended my poetry class in college. I have not fiddled with any story ideas since mid-April as well. Finals really took a toll on my creative process and it saddens me everyday to think that I am wasting away time that could be spent developing my ideas and skills. I have not placed a poem on my blog in some time either. People just didn’t seem to be as interested in them as I had hoped, but I will still push forward and continue to post them.

I did not mean for this post to be a big pity-fest, but it is just a little taste of what has been on my mind. Tomorrow is a fresh day and I am already gathering interesting topics that could be possible for the first episode of the podcast.

Well, until tomorrow, thanks for reading and be ready for more to come.

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