Apparently, Vader has a screw loose

While I do not study Psychology in any way, the subject has always fascinated me. The way people’s brains work and the tiny reasons we act as we do are topics that can stimulate much thought for various subjects from writing to sports. A French psychiatrist named Eric Bui has taken my interest for the topic one step further. In his study of borderline personality disorder (a disorder that features mood swings, troubles in relationships, etc.) he has looked to a person that some of us have loved/hated for years. This person, come to find out, is a totally fictional one. Of course (hence the title) I am talking about no other than Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) from the Star Wars universe. In one of the next issues of the Psychiatry Research journal, Bui and his colleagues will be making a case that the, the lord of the Sith himself, has the condition. The article that I received this information from hopes that this study is to spread the awareness of the condition further, but all I am saying is…they are doing a professional study on a Star Wars character. How sweet is that!? Perhaps this is not your thing, but it will be interesting either way to see the finished product.

LA Times article here.

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