My Mind

I live in a box

Finding it harder and harder to breathe

My family sits on top

Pressure, pressure ‘til they crush me

I reach for the lid

Looking for a sign of what is heaven

Trying not to sit

My soul permits my body leavened

I look to sides trying to find

A hole to look out

Just to catch a little light

But all I find are sounds maligned

With intent to

Try and refine

My life…

Searching in the dark

I crawl to a wall pasted with pages

Every one a spark

That ignites a memory of aging

Fighting through the cracks

I can see the outside of my prison

But what my body lacks

Is a proper mental endurance

Why can’t I reach or even speak

Outside it all

Without oppressing

Making sure I’m locked back in the box

Only with knowledge

That I’ve lost

My life…

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