1 Up

Early poem I wrote. It’s fun if you understand the references, but if not SHAME SHAME!

1 Up

He wakes up
to the sound of a dump truck
tossing out
all of his memories

is the way to a happy life
who needs
any responsibility

He sits to think
yet not to ponder
can only do harm

becomes second nature
is what keeps him warm

danger is absent
the power goes out

Right then
his heart stops beating
i wonder
how does he feel he’s lived his life?

Does he
base it on death or martyr
or perhaps
what wasn’t blown up

more important
where will
his digital soul end up

Will it swim
inside gamer heaven
or burn
in Gamestop hell?

While one
has PS3 graphics
the other
can’t match handheld

He heads
for flames and invalid formats
what did he do
to end up here?

He falls before
a pixelated satan
as he starts to stare

“Why me!?”
says the boy with fear
“I never ‘Camped’
and I’ve got a good heart”

“Silly boy
it’s not that at all…
you just should have
layed off the Gameshark”

Next thing he knows
he’s carried off by koopas
thrown in a cage
along with Donkey Kong

He starts to cry
as DK comes closer
with his size
he won’t last long

But then he wakes up
to the sound of the pizza truck
the powers back
and so are his lives

Maybe next time
It’ll be game over
Maybe soon
he’ll run out of time

  1. February 16th, 2010
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